How to order a Ketubah

A. Preliminary preview stage:

 1. Enter the menu to switch between versions of Ketubah texts and seek for the appropriate text for you. (You can use your own personal Ketubah text and there is an option for entering personal details).

 2. Enter the menu item Ketubahs gallery and switch between designs while increasing the photos for better Impression.

B. Product selection :
1. Choose the menu item Ketubahs gallery and  click on the Ketubah to enter  the product page of the selected Ketubah design.  Choose the Ketubah text that you want  and then choose if you want to add personal information or not ( if tou do, you can add it in the information tabs at the bottom of the  product page or send the information to me by email.

2. Press Add to cart and add the product to the Cart.

3. Go to shopping the cart ( Top right in the menu or above it) and click on the Checkout

C . There are five steps to order a product :
1. Summary -  Here we go through the order details and click on Next
2. Login - You will be transferred to create an account or Login to an existing account - fill the various details in the form and confirm.
3. Address - Put the address of the buyer and shipping address and move on
4. Shipping -Choose  the delivery type.
5. payment – You will be transferred to the payment page where you can connect to the PayPal account and make a payment or alternatively - pay with a credit card by entering your  information and confirmation .
D. After ordering the product you will receive a receipt for the payment.

E. The seller will prepare a demonstration file and send it to you by Email  for approval.

F. After your approval – The Ketubah will be sent to the address that you specified on the order form .