Why a Designed Ketubah ?

The tradition to decorate Ketubahs is ancient.  For Centuries, Jewish artists decorated the Ketubahs as a part of the art decoration of Jewish manuscripts. The  oldest  Decorated Ketubah which we know of is more than 700 years old: The Ketubah was written and drawn in 1391 in Austria, which described the groom wearing a ring on his bride's finger, and the bride's head is crowned. Most decorated surviving inscriptions are found in museums and private collections from the 17th Century onwards. In most of the congregations it was  common to see in Ketubahs geometrical shapes of plants and flowers. In Italy in the  17-18th Century they  developed art decoration rich in symbols and drawings, this tradition was delivered to the community of Jews of Spain and other countries.  In decorated Ketubahs of an Italians artists style there are symbols of the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve tribes, symbolic figures representing the seasons and the virtues, winged angels and the image of the goddess of love, Venus - alongside paintings and description of events from the Bible. Even today Israeli and diaspora artists add decorations in different styles.

"Decorated Ketubah" is a website, based on the beautiful traditional concept which enables couples who wish to choose for their wedding day an artistically designed ketubah in an affordable price. The Print is in A3 size and printed in a digital printing on glossy 300 grams paper. The Ketubah comes in a beautiful two - sided decorated folder. It looks beautiful and impressive in every design chosen and any wording preference you make. (There are multiple options)

We offer a quality designed Ketubah which upgrades the Ketubah given by the rabbi to the couple in the wedding ceremony. Custom designed Ketubah, adds beauty, specificity, and enables a special seal of the couple.

 Feel comfortable to contact us. We will be more than happy to prepare the Ketubah for you at your request and wishes.